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Scent of the New World Incense Cones

Gabar & Cremate present: SCENT OF THE NEW WORLD Incense Cones – a heady, spiritual mix of Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Anise Star & Ylang, inspired by the jungles of Southeast Asia. 

Trudging through the North of Old Amrub, Sir. Effie Johnson had stumbled upon a rather illustrious patch of new fauna and flora, which was immediately deemed to be “SACRED ON ALL ACCOUNTS”. Having taken the samples back to the famous Labs of Breet, the scents wafting through the annexes of the halls intoxicated all those that came near it. 

The wafting scents did much to inspire all, resulting in the creation of several long-lasting, ineffable inventions. In honor of the mythical fauna and flora discovered that dear day in the great jungles of Amrub, and the new world presently created, we present to you this SCENT. 

Heady, spiritual, vastly alluring and forever inspirational. 

Light for adventure & exploration.

[30 Cones]


Key Ingredients

Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Anise Star, Orange & Ylang

How to Use

Light in a safe space. Burn the tip of the incense cone for 10-15 seconds then blow out to allow for scent to waft. Do not leave unattended. Light away from anything flammable & make sure to extinguish before leaving a space.

Sustainability & Ethics

Our philosophy will always remain: to do no harm. From box to bottle, every Gabar product is 98% recyclable, using cork, wood, glass, or paper in place of plastic and other non-recyclables. The result is a natural one -- and may result in a beautifully bent or out of shape package. We appreciate your partnership, as our practice for a sustainable future is ever-evolving and constantly in motion. And of course, we are vegan-friendly and never test on animals.