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NEW Urban Fragrance Collection

04 (NOLITA) Rise & 05 (LUDLOW) Lull

A Scent Brand for a Conscious Future.

Gabar is built on the very belief that so much of the change we want to see in the world can come from ourselves first. From living more mindfully and consciously, to being more present and attune with our feelings and selves, Gabar's mission is to encourage ideas of self-expansion and self-awareness through scent and everyday rituals.

At Gabar, we clash old world values with fresh, contemporary aesthetics to build a scent brand for the future. One that cares so much more about internal over external beauty, and that is fully committed to undoing values that no longer serve us.

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Our Latest Fragrance Collection

Born from the sky rises of New York City, the brand's second home, our latest Urban Fragrance Collection pays homage to morning and evening rituals in a concrete jungle. Whether the feeling of anticipation and expansion in the early hours of the morning, or the cravings for cocooning or connection in the lull of the evening, our 04 (NOLITA) Rise and 05 (LUDLOW) Lull fragrances reflect on a city's hidden rhythms, and our ways of staying centered through them.

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