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A Scent Brand for a Conscious Future.

Gabar is built on the very belief that so much of the change we want to see in the world can come from ourselves first. From living more mindfully and consciously, to being more present and attune with our feelings and selves, to learning how to work with our baser energies for good, Gabar's mission is to encourage ideas of self-expansion and self-awareness through scent and everyday rituals.

At Gabar, we clash old world values with fresh, contemporary aesthetics to build a scent brand for the future. One that cares so much more about internal over external beauty, and that is fully committed to undoing an unconscious value system that no longer serves us. Gabar (meaning "world" in the Myanmar language, our mother tongue) is both a brand and movement. We're so glad you found us.

A London brand, rooted in Southeast Asia but made for the world.

While our roots are in Myanmar (Southeast Asia) and we call London our current home, our mindset and inspiration will always remain global. We love the idea of bringing together our Buddhist heritage and deep & diverse cultural experiences to create a brand unlike any other -- one with a globalist spirit that can resonate with those in different corners of the world.

Not afraid to push boundaries.

We began as a movement, off the back of activists & changemakers who were sacrificing their lives to fight for something new. Our brand takes this fighter spirit and applies it to what we do -- pushing boundaries in all ways we can: whether in the way we present scent, use technology to supplement our world, or in the way we speak to our customers or do business (through kindness first & foremost). We constantly look to new ways of doing & being and resist being put in a box.

Made for all kind.

While our brand opts for a next generation aesthetic, the values we preach are old world values meant to resonate with all genders, ages, cultures and kind. We respect the dynamic beings that all humans are, and aim to keep expanding our brand to encompass more as we grow.

Conscious in every choice.

From our packaging to bottle design to material choices, every action we take is a conscious one: one committed to creating the least harm, and overturning archaic and wasteful paradigms. We eschew excess, and aim to do everything with the least fuss, using technology to supplement where we can, while still keeping room open for creativity and expression. This simplicity is a bold commitment to eliminating more of the unnecessary in the world so that we can make way for more things that truly matter.