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Our Commitment to Philanthropy.

Currently, ten percent of Gabar's yearly profit goes to select philanthropic ventures, committed to undoing systemic issues on a structural level. For its first three years, Gabar has chosen to partner with Prospect Burma, a UK & Myanmar-based educational charity providing Myanmar youth with funding and scholarship opportunities to up-skill and become community leaders, in an effort to rebuild Myanmar's broken civil society.

In addition to its global efforts, Gabar also consciously works locally in its operating regions to support creatives and changemakers from underserved backgrounds. From the creative teams that surround us, to the businesses and brands we partner with, Gabar believes firmly in "voting with your dollar", by investing in people and practices that deserve to have a bigger platform.

It is Gabar's hope that in the near future a namesake Foundation can be established to continue its philanthropic work into the future.

About Prospect Burma

Prospect Burma believes that the best way to create positive and lasting change in Myanmar is through investing in education. Prospect Burma provides access to higher education opportunities to dedicated, talented Myanmar youth. Their programs are designed to reach out to remote regions, including those affected by conflict, to help individuals determine the path for their future. They do this by supporting Myanmar's young people to access higher education opportunities, both abroad and in-country, to gain much-needed skills and qualifications. Once the students graduate, Prospect Burma facilitates their alumni to collaborate, pass on their expertise and plan long-term positive change in their country. Prospect Burma has supported many outstanding individuals who are now making a huge difference through their work in local, national, and international roles.