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03 Swim Scented Candle

Your cult-loved fragrances now in candle form. Discover a scent born from the jungles of Hpa-An, Myanmar. Lush vibrant notes of blackcurrant bud, wild fig & green tea meet a rich, woody base of oud & sandalwood for an addictively powerful scent to pull you into the present.

Think: your mind & body completely absorbed in something that you love. 

Light to encourage creativity and flow.

[100% Soy Wax]


Key Ingredients

Blackcurrant Bud, Wild Fig, Green Tea, Oud & Sandalwood

How to Use

Light in a safe space to calm and center. Do not leave unattended. Light away from anything flammable & make sure to extinguish before leaving a space.

Sustainability & Ethics

Our philosophy will always remain: to do no harm. From box to bottle, every Gabar product is 98% recyclable, using cork, wood, glass, or paper in place of plastic and other non-recyclables. The result is a natural one -- and may result in a beautifully bent or out of shape package. We appreciate your partnership, as our practice for a sustainable future is ever-evolving and constantly in motion. And of course, we are vegan-friendly and never test on animals.