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04 (NOLITA) Rise Eau De Parfum

The first fragrance of our newly launched Gabar Urban Collection, 04 (NOLITA) Rise reflects on the hidden rituals of the city morning. Inspired by the energy of the concrete jungle and paying homage to the brand’s first home of New York, 04 Rise is a soothing, skin-like & expansive concoction, opening with gentle notes of Juniper & Pink Pepper, leading into an aching heart of Lavender, Cypress & Lily of the Valley, and rounding off with a soft pool of Amberwoods & Cashmere Wood. 

We imagine that moment of waking up, crisp air in the face, with all of the noises of the city starting to hum & whir around us. 

Spray for self-expansion.


Key Ingredients

Top: Juniper, Pink Pepper, Green Mandarin.
Heart: Lavender, Cypress, Mint, Lily of the Valley.
Base: Amberwoods, Cashmere Woods, Cedarwood.

How to Use

Spray Gabar 04 Rise eau de parfum onto your skin, into your clothing or in the environment around you, day or night, for a long lasting scent. Traditionally fragrance is focused on pulse points such as the neck, decolletage or wrists, but these notes can be sprayed anywhere that suits. This is a fragrance to calm and center you.

Sustainability & Ethics

Our philosophy will always remain: to do no harm. From box to bottle, every Gabar product is 98% recyclable, using cork, wood, glass, or paper in place of plastic and other non-recyclables. The result is a natural one -- and may result in a beautifully bent or out of shape package. We appreciate your partnership, as our practice for a sustainable future is ever-evolving and constantly in motion. And of course, we are vegan-friendly and never test on animals.

What Others Are Saying

5 stars

Quite unlike anything else.

Rooted in Myanmar, Gabar has historically used scent to explore the intoxicating power of the natural world, but this summer it turns its hand to the stark contrasts of city life with the Urban Collection. Inspired by sunrise in New York, Nolita grabs you with the chill of juniper and pink pepper, before green mandarin and mint emerge to heighten the fresh-air feel. Quite unlike anything else, it’s a scent that'll work just as well in the heat of summer as it will come cooler climes.

5 stars

This is easily one of the most unique perfume launches I have come across.

It has a comforting, almost spa-like scent that makes you feel calm the second you spritz it. It feels fresh, green and almost a little bit herby making it ideal for those hot summer days.